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Water Lines and Hydrants

Your Eastern Iowa, Western Illinois and Quad Cities Water Lines and Hydrant Solutions

Water lines and hydrants provide you with all the water that enters your home.  When one breaks it can mean disaster, resulting in damage to your property and high cost repairs.  At the first sign of a problem with you water line call Total Septic Service.  We’ll find and fix the issue quickly, saving you the wasted time and money that a broken water line would cause you living in the Quad Cities, Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois areas.

Know Your Pipes

Water line breaks happen often.  The water line pipes that cross under your property to bring you water, are your responsibility.  This means that if one breaks, the financial burden of restoration falls on you.  However, there are ways you can avoid major disaster when it comes to your water lines.

Here are a few factors that, if known, can help you take care of your water lines:

How old are your pipes?

Knowing the age of your pipes helps you determine the likelihood of them breaking.  Many water lines haven’t been replaced since they were installed.  The older the water lines the more likely they are to be worn down, which makes them more susceptible to breaks and leaks.

What are your pipes made of?

Different materials deteriorate at different speeds.  Older homes are more likely to be equipped with steel or lead pipes, while newer homes are more likely to have copper or PVC plastic pipes.  Learning what your water line pipes are made of teaches you where and when breaks may occur.

How does your terrain affect your water lines?

Tree roots and certain soils assist in the breakdown of water lines.  Tree roots attach themselves to water lines because they discover their main food source – water – is easily accessed from the pipes.  Soils that contain high chloride content, such as clay soils, also lend to the destruction of water lines by corroding them from the outside.

water lines and hydrants